When I awaken, my days line up, eager virgins, offered in blank pages. And I have dozens of them in reserve. Each second of them belongs to me. I’m free to dispose of them as I will, to make them into chapters of light, of slumber, or of melancholy. No one can change the course of such an existence. These days are creatures of clay to be modeled. I am the model of an abstract menagerie.
Sylvain Tesson, The Consolations of the Forest: Alone in a Cabin on the Siberian Taiga

I like to cook. I like to knit and sew and make other crafts. I’m a writer.

I live alone and most of my creations reflect that fact. While some cooks are inspired to grow their own food, this has never appealed to me. I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Seattle. I’m also a trans man, queer, white, and now on the far side of 50.